About us

STANKOFINEXPO Ltd. specializes in the development and implementation of its technologies in the production of genuinely high-quality and high-tech equipment for precision electrochemical machining of metals.

We have experience in manufacturing the electrochemical equipment since 1993.

SFE® machines can compete with expensive competitors in terms of their technical characteristics and performance.

Production of professional electrochemical machines

STANKOFINEXPO Ltd. was founded to develop the production of professional machines for electrochemical processing using nanotechnologies in Russia, in accordance with world standards for the construction of such machines.

Since 1989, our experts have been developing, manufacturing and servicing electrochemical machines.

Experience and practical skills give the opportunity to solve any questions related to this type of processing of conductive materials.

The STANKOFINEXPO manufacturing enterprise introduces into production and provides a full range of services for the maintenance of electrochemical machines of various models.

25 years
development and production of SFE technologies
companies all over the world
In work
<600 units
machine tools worldwide

SFE electrochemical precision machines have a wide range of applications in various fields of modern industry.

SFE copy-flashing machines for electrochemical dimensional processing have no analogues in the world of such machine construction and compete with equipment manufacturers for the widespread methods of electrophysical precision, processing not only in Russia but throughout the world.

Serial electrochemical machines SFE:

  • Electrochemical precision machine with industrial workstation FRONT / Advantech SFE-5000M work surface area 40 cm2
  • Electrochemical precision machine with industrial workstation Advantech SFE-8000M work surface area up to 80 cm2
  • Electrochemical precision machine with workstation FRONT / Advantech SFE-12000M work surface area up to 120 cm2