Warranty service of electrochemical machines SFE®

We provide a full range of warranty services for electrochemical machines All new supplied SFE® machines are subject to individual warranty service. Our warranty service provides advantages for solving any arisen malfunctions as quickly as possible.

Technical support for users of electrochemical machines.

In the event of malfunctions, we can provide you with initial support and possible solutions for minor breakdowns:
  • Customer service telephone support.
  • Obtaining online support or target support from the technical staff.
  • Providing instructions on maintenance and repair.
  • Expert definition of necessary spare parts, as well as their order and delivery in the shortest possible time.
  • If necessary, the specialists team visit to the Customer's place, for solving the problem that has arisen.

Post-warranty service of electrochemical machines SFE®

SFE machines have been manufactured for many years. Our customers are grateful for the fact that our machines have been operating for many years, without requiring constant expensive maintenance and the purchase of expensive spare parts and units.

If our customers wish to have a regular post-warranty service, the STANKOFINEXPO service department will individually provide necessary consultations and carry out high-quality maintenance.

We can offer any repairs and necessary spare parts for our SFE® machines in the shortest time to satisfy any requests of our customers.

Technical, design and consulting support of the machines operation is possible for the whole period of operation (up to 20 years on average for electrochemical machines).

Pre-sales service

All SFE® machines undergo various tests, all systems testing and quality control in our company STANKOFINEXPO in Kirov before shipment to our machine customer.

STANKOFINEXPO specialists perfectly possess the precision electrochemical machining technology, have extensive experience in operating electrochemical machines, setting operating modes and developing processes of electrochemical machining of various materials and parts.

Commissioning of electrochemical machines

All supplied STANKOFINEXPO machines are commissioned with the help of highly qualified mechanical engineers and electronic engineers. We guarantee the performance of the following:

1. Maintenance of the machine from the moment of setting the machine for a test run (error-free running time) - for new machines until the final delivery to the Customer with signing of the acceptance certificate by the parties.

2. Training of operators, process specialists, other specialists of the Customer for a certain number of hours (both theoretical and practical).


Our competent specialists will conduct skills and work processes training on the electrochemical machine.

Training can take place at our factory in Russia in Kirov, as well as in our customer’s territory.

We will coordinate with you convenient timing of training and dates of the visit of our specialists group for training.

During training our specialists will clearly demonstrate the theory of precision electrochemical machining and will explain functions of our electrochemical machines on a practical example.

We can offer you a choice: practical trainings, test launches, tool and machine maintenance, designing electrodes and tool holders and much more.

All trainings serve for an ideal understanding of all processes of the machine operation and the start of the independent use.

In the complete set with the equipment we provide the operation documentation, recommendations for the increase of the performance life and our best practices for the competent machine service.

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