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Why opting for pECM instead of conventional machining techniques?

If you need complex internal shaping, speed and high accuracy then pECM will be the best solution. Also, such a choice is cheaper if you consider it for the long term use. Of course, it depends on the type of application of the product, but pECM may be the only right choice.

What materials is pECM most suitable for?

The PECM machining process will be convenient for hard-working alloys of a new type. Such alloys are difficult to process using traditional methods, so PECM would be the best solution. It also allows the processing of various electro-conductive materials.

Is pECM an environmentally unfriendly process?

Unlike earlier types of systems, now it has received a closed loop – an electrolyte processing system. This system allows reuse of electrolyte in unlimited mode. ECM Technologies makes this type of filtering system possible for production. (read about the Electrolyte Handling System)

Does pECM entail any work health hazard?

PECM is not dangerous. But it could be released into the electrolyte because there goes a process of dissolution of materials that contain chromium (the carcinogenic Cr (VI)). But you can add a Cr (VI) reducing agent to filter and lower these levels to a non-toxic Cr (III) value. It is very important to measure Cr (VI) in order to prevent harmful effects on the pECM operator and to remove the overdose of the reducing agent. ECM Technologies has created a special sensor and uses it to continuously determine the level of chromium. For more information contact us.

Is it possible to skip the Research & Development and go directly to Production?

No. R&D verification is performed for each individual order. This is necessary to assess the feasibility of the product and check all its material requirements. This check will determine all the parameters that are important and necessary for the producing of the product. Such a process is highly customizable and very accurate to produce high quality products.

Can pECM substitute conventional machining techniques?

PECM is able to replace various traditional processing methods (read more at Process Application). Also, this may be the only right decision when it comes to high-precision processes, technique of contouring and sophisticated shaping.

Which industries would benefit the most from using pECM?

The pECM process has no specific application and can be used in various industries. This will be a useful process for industrial applications where high precision is required. For example, engineering where you need to explore hard new materials. ECM Technologies has created solutions for industries such as Biomedical, Aerospace, Chemical, Energy and Offshore, Space, Automotive. (read more at Process Application)

Is machining with pECM expensive?

If you use pECM for large-scale production, then in the long run this can lead to sustainable costs. It depends on the fact that after manufacturing the processing tool can be used almost indefinitely. If you use special exotic alloys that could be processed with pECM, this will affect the product fuel consumption and its overall performance.

Why haven’t I heard of the pECM technology before?

PECM was developed in the 1920s, but so far it has gone through many transformations and received many significant improvements. Now this is a fairly advanced method and very accurate. It is important to note that this method is suitable for mechanical hard alloys. (read more at Process History)

How can I learn more about the pECM process?

Our site has a separate section with a detailed Process Overview webpage on pECM. ECM Technologies also organizes webinars to show how customers can benefit from pECM technology. If you are interested in attending our online seminars, you will receive detailed information via E-mail. We also offer a portal with News & Events or you can subscribe to our LinkedIn.

Can I request more information on what the pECM technology can do?

Of course! If you cannot make a decision and make a choice, then ask us for more detailed information. For this, please feel free to contact us.