|New website Stankofinexpo Ltd.

New website Stankofinexpo Ltd.

New website Stankofinexpo Ltd.

Stankofinexpo Ltd. is pleased to inform its customers about the launch of the new English-language website arta.electrochemicalmachine.com. You can evaluate the functionality right now and give your comment under this news, with your feedback and possible improvements. We are happy with any constructive criticism and will try to improve our site for more comfortable use.

We took all the best from the old portal, made a nice design, added new features, a clear interface, a lot of informative content and convenient navigation on the site. The content of the site will gradually be replenished and improved. We will share our knowledge and experience in the field of precision electrochemical processing.

All the presented photos of machines and products actually coincide with the originals and are made in our production or production of our customers. We lay out the photos of the finished parts, as an example and demonstrate the working capacity of our equipment. The selection of photos was made in appearance and combination with the design of the site.

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New website Stankofinexpo Ltd.

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